A skilling & capacity building initiative OF, BY & FOR the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Industry

About FinX

Founded by a group of professionals who have more than 100-man years of industry experience and a knack for understanding industry’s skilling requirements. Driven by purpose of creating over 100,000 skilled Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI) & Real Estate professionals and new to industry financial entrepreneurs over the next 5 years. They bring to the table, an inside-out practioners’ perspective, proven execution capability & relentless zeal to support all COGS of better employability & employment ecosystem – Job seekers, Corporates and Educational institutions. Team Finx is working very closely with experts of BFSI industry and educational institutions to bridge the huge gap between Academia and Corporates.

Supporting the Industry

Banking, financial services and Insurance Industry – one of the largest sectors of economy, is facing the following people-related challenges:

  • Availability of a sustainable stream of skilled resources who are equipped with technical, functional and behavioral expertise
  • Low productivity
  • High attrition
  • Increasing training cost

These challenges have only grown with the increasing scale and complexity of business. The enormity of these challenges require the corporates to come together and work with organizations like FinX to build a scalable and sustainable model of building a productive talent pipeline.

Collaborating with educational institutions

More than 1 Crore graduates pass out of colleges every year. The colleges primarily focus on building the foundation skills (academic) of their students. To make these students job ready, there is a need to teach them industry focused technical, functional and behavioral skills along with the foundation skills. In most developed economies, colleges work closely with corporates & specialized skilling institutions to offer their students on-job trainings, practical projects, technical & domain specific courses. Our philosophy of Earn while you Learn is built on these principles.

Making Students industry ready

As per the student survey we conducted,

  • More than 50% of third year undergraduate students feel that they do not have adequate knowledge and skills needed for a job immediately after graduation
  • Key skills they require include Industry relevant knowledge (51%); Domain understanding (47%), Behavioural & Soft skills (37%)
  • They are looking for a certification that provides them with On-Job Training/internship (31%); Practical Learning with real life case studies and role plays (30%) and Employment Opportunities (25%)
  • 45% students want to pursue employment after graduation; 10% are inclined towards entrepreneurship
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry is amongst their top 3 choices

Our programs are designed to address most of the above student requirements. They combine the technical strength of the eminent industry leaders with practical industry insights to offer a unique comprehensive learning experience to the students.

Our Ecosystem

(OF, BY & FOR The Industry)​

Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) aspires to ensure capacity building in the BFSI Sector through integrated skilling & an employability-oriented certification, relying on a collaborative approach. We believe in joining hands and ideals with all the stakeholders, leaving none behind. It underscores our staunch belief that When everyone moves forward together, success takes care of itself. Our collaborative approach to address the skilling & capacity-building issues of the Indian BFSI space has culminated in Chartered Financial Expert (CFX), which can rightly be termed as being –OF the Industry, BY the Industry & FOR the Industry.

FinX is guided by the principles of Credibility, Capability & Collaboration to maximise value for all its stakeholders – Students, Educational Institutions & Corporates.


Chartered Financial Expert has not just brought together industry bodies, institutions & corporates, but also academics & trainers across a vast spectrum to collaborate and associate with, in varying capacities. Our initiative intends to arrest the skilling & employment-related issues arising within the BFSI sector.


Our collaborative approach to solving the skilling-issues affecting the Indian BFSI sector has ensured the participation of skilled professionals from academia and the industry in the development, delivery and improvement of the Chartered Financial Expert course.


We have embarked on a collaborative approach to ensure skilling and capacity-building in the Indian BFSI sector. We recognise that this is an issue too large for anyone to effectively manage singlehandedly and have therefore brought together all the stakeholders – Colleges, Industry Bodies & Corporates, to a single platform.