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Chartered Financial Expert

A First in India, unique collaboration to create skilled Ntrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs and Sales professionals, for the BFSI industry

Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) is a six-month short-term professional certification targeted at candidates who are looking for a successful career in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry. The program is designed to make students job/entrepreneurship ready.  This certification is co-certified by leading industry educational institutions like National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), NSE Academy and L.N.Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool).

The Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) program is a comprehensive certification giving a 360-degree view of BFSI sector – Savings, Protection, Investment and Lending. It offers a 3 months in-built paid internship with BFSI corporates. It is a course which is designed with a practical industry focused curriculum and adopts an on all-round approach of technical, domain, behavioral, selling skills along with on-job industry exposure.

Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) is a 300-hour rigorous program involving regulatory certifications in Mutual Funds, Insurance and other financials products. Also, it teaches application of the financial concepts in real life job roles. The program will have role plays, case studies, industry interaction, practical projects as part of the curriculum.

The program works on a collaborative and integrated format to create skilled Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs for the BFSI Sector


  • One of the fastest Growing Sectors in India
  • 2nd highest growth in terms of employment growth (FY17)
  • Opportunity to bring prosperity to the nation
  • Directly impacting the GDP of the country (6% contribution)
  • One of the highest paid sectors in India

Why Sales Jobs?

  • Over 1/3rd of CEOs worldwide are from a sales/client-interfacing background
  • Over 50% CEOs of MFs and Insurance co. in India are from Sales
  • Client-interfacing is the purest form of empowerment
  • Transferable skills across any domain
  • Highest earning potential

Why Entrepreneurship?

  • Be your own boss
  • No Cap on earning potential
  • Flexibility & Independence
  • Make an impact on society
  • Create legacy

CFX in a Nutshell


On-Job Training

BFSI Focused

Blended Learning


Functional Skilling

Sales Oriented

Collaborative Approach


Technical Skilling

Inside-Out Prespective

Deeper Engagement

a Comprehensive course Structure

Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) is an integrated professional certification designed to help the students seeking meaningful careers, educational institutes looking to support their students through industry exposure and employers from BFSI sector, who need skilled resources. It involves the corporates (Banks, NBFCs, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, Broking and Financial Distribution Companies), industry bodies (Life and General Insurance Councils, Indian Banks Association) & leading educational institutes like NISM, NSE Academy and Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool), making it the first of its kind professional certification course in India.

The core of the Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) program is the content curated to help students to acquire relevant skills for real world corporate scenarios. The modules have been designed with a practitioner’s approach, taking into consideration the regulatory necessities as well as the practical learning.

A four-tier structure is followed for imparting a wholistic learning experience as shown below:

The customer facing resources in the BFSI space need to have certain regulatory certifications to become eligible for recommending Mutual Funds, Insurance and other financial products. The first part of Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) certification is designed to help the students to acquire all the necessary certifications before moving to the next stage of training and skilling. Key topics covered - Mutual funds, Insurance and Financial Planning Fundamentals, Products Categorization and Features, Risk Management, Operations, Regulations, Taxation

After earning regulatory certifications in key domains, students shall undergo a rigorous and comprehensive training to get a strong hold over key concepts, using real-life Caselets, Case Studies, Role Plays, Activity-based Learning, Project Work, Life Experiences and Classroom teaching.

The intent is to provide an inside-out perspective to the students to match their skillsets to the actual requirements of the corporate world.

The training will focus on developing functional and qualitative competencies in students through a detailed orientation on Sales Process & selling skills, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Communication, and Soft skills including Behavioral Skills.

Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) helps the students resonate with a corporate’s culture by providing students with an orientation to specific corporate's values, processes and systems.

The final phase of the program includes an on-job paid internship with marquee corporates in the BFSI sector. After this the students are transformed into precious skilled resources (Intraprenuers and Entrepreneurs) for BFSI sector.

Accelerate Your Career

With immense opportunities in the BFSI sector, and a demand for highly productive resources who come with recognized credentials, practical knowledge and experience, Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) is aimed to put you right on top of your game.

As India’s first one-of-its kind professional certification program, with embedded On-Job Training with esteemed BFSI corporates, Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) plays an important role in equipping you with the right skill sets to become a successful BFSI professional or an entrepreneur.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) brings an opportunity to understand the nuances of doing business in the BFSI sector, business development skill-sets, knowledge of sales processes and legalities of running a new entity.

Student Value Proposition

  • Paid Internship with marquee corporates in BFSI sector
  • Industry exposure, practical skilling + technical foundation
  • Job Readiness
  • Regulatory certifications on Insurance, Mutual funds, Broking
  • Enhanced credentials
  • 3X return on investment
  • Entrepreneurship ready

  • Industry exposure and engagement
  • Enhancement of NAAC accreditation factors
  • Functional skilling on entrepreneurship & sales
  • Association with industry leaders in BFSI
  • Co-branded certification for students
  • Entrepreneurship track for candidates

  • Continuous Resource Availability
  • Higher Retention
  • Higher Productivity
  • Job ready skilled workforce
  • Customized corporate training

Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) program is offered through our educational partners (colleges) only. Interested candidates may apply online and we will register them through the nearest educational partner (college).

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