FinX Entrepreneurship Assessment Test

  • Analytical Skills
  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Personality Traits
  • Behavioural Patterns

About FEAT

To be successful in careers or entrepreneurship it is important to choose roles which match your behavioural and personality traits. Fundamental career decisions, such as choice of role, job performance, career satisfaction and career growth are strongly co-related with personality type.

In real life, we observe many candidates take up jobs which do not match their personality. More often than not, they end up changing jobs frequently & by the time they find roles of their liking, they are already lagging in their career vis a vis their peers. Today, the cost of undertaking a role which does not fit your personality is extremely high, and hence, it is better to take an informed decision which may have a defining role to play in your career

FEAT helps candidates recognize their skill set and capabilities, with a motive to guide new age student entrepreneurs on how to commence their professional career.

Based on a comprehensive assessment of Analytical Skills, Cognitive Abilities, Personality Traits and Behavioural Patterns, one can entirely tap their potential ability and maximize efficiency in pursuit of their professional goals. Although it is difficult to chart out an accurate career path for every individual, a wide roadmap can be designed with a clear understanding of their skillsets.

FEAT assesses the candidates on the following behavioural traits –

  1. Entrepreneurship Quotient
  2. Learning Agility
  3. Sales Orientation
  4. Cognitive ability
FEAT guides the candidate to begin their professional careers and who is willing to ask the following important questions:
  • Do they have the necessary skill set to become a successful entrepreneur?
  • Do they possess qualities and traits to have a successful journey as a corporate employee?

FEAT follows a carefully calibrated scientific process to assess individuals for sales orientation and entrepreneurship ability by evaluating their personalities. While this assessment can in no way be a judgment on individuals’ ability, it certainly can help them in identifying their strengths and areas of potential improvement. This test empowers the students with the ability to take an informed decision with regard to their career paths and also enable corporates to identify right candidates who fit their designated job roles.

FEAT is a mandatory requirement for selection to Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) and gives you a realistic assessment of your strengths and areas of improvement with respect to your afore-mentioned abilities.  FEAT report is also helpful if you do not wish to pursue Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) and pursue other aspirations of higher studies, any other career path etc.

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