Industry Bodies Meet

10th June 2019

FinX met the four industry bodies prevailing in the BFSI sector, namely Indian Banks Association (IBA), Life Insurance Council (LI Council), General Insurance Council (GI Council) & Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

The industry bodies have agreed to a collaborative framework with FinX to jointly pursue the causes of –

  • Skilling & attracting professionals & entrepreneurs to the BFSI industry
  • Promoting awareness amongst educational institutions, students, women, retirees and other existing employees and financial entrepreneurs (agents)
  • Undertaking research studies, surveys, assessments, etc. for the BFSI industry
  • Promoting financial literacy & financial inclusion across rural India
All four of the industry bodies have representatives on the Governing Council of Chartered Financial Expert (CFX) by the following members –
  • Mr. V G Kannan (Chief Executive Officer, IBA)
  • CA Mr. V Manickam (Secretary General, LI Council)
  • Mr. R Chandrasekaran (Ex-Secretary General, GI Council)
  • CA Mr. N S Venkatesh (Chief Executive Officer, AMFI)